eCommerce Sales Professional

The eCommerce Sales Professional Career Track and professional certification is intended for personnel focused on positioning, selling and managing merchant payments related products and services for the CNP channel as it covers the information you need to to provide value and differentiation related to fraud and payments.

The Fraud Practice offers several levels of professional certification for personnel in the e-payments and fraud industries with varying levels of experience and for different job functions. The eCommerce Sales Professional Track provides information on eCommerce payments and an executive overview on basic principles for managing fraud. For the CNP market, electronic payments and fraud are intertwined, and one of the best ways to demonstrate value with merchants is to be able to show you can provide real insight on how to optimize and maintain healthy operations in terms of both payment and fraud.

Completing this training certification earns 7 Fraud-Related Continuing Profession Education (CPE) credit hours for maintaing CFE credentials with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Find out more.

Is the eCommerce Sales Professional Certification right for you? Find out what industries and job roles eCommerce Sales Professionals work in.

Key Concepts Covered:
  • CNP Credit Card Payments
  • Fraud Vendors
  • Fraud Tools & Techniques
  • eCommerce Fraud
  • Merchant Underwriting
  • Managing Fraud in a Business

What you can Expect from this Career Track: Sales personnel that complete this training should be able to operate in a consultative capacity with merchants related to epayments and fraud management. You should be able to discuss the impact of fraud on a merchant as well as to be able to discuss best practices for merchants to evaluate and manage fraud within their operations. The intent is not to make you an expert in fraud management, but to provide a strong working knowledge of the strategic planning and executive management considerations that apply to managing fraud and epayments in a business.

Training program content was updated in 2017. Now offered in HTML5 and compatible with all mobile devices.

Expected Time to Complete Training: 6-8 Hours (includes quizzes, session tests and final exam)
You don’t need to take the entire track in one sitting, it is broken down into a series of training sessions that last from 10 to 20 minutes each, making it easy to work the training program into a busy schedule.

Track Information & Applicability:

  • Included Courses: 6
  • Payment Types: Credit Cards, Debit Cards
  • Channels: CNP, eCommerce
  • Regions: Global – North America, South America, Europe, Asia
  • Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Prerequisites: This is an Intermediate level Career Track and requires some basic knowledge, training or experience on the subject matter.

Level of Difficulty
Level of Difficulty: This is an Intermediate level Professional training program intended for account management and sales personnel.

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Is the eCommerce Sales Professional Certification right for you? Find out what industries and job roles eCommerce Sales Professionals work in.

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I really liked the Buyer Fraud Signals course, it was very informative.

D. England
Fraud Prevention & Payments Services Manager, MonaVie